Breath of the Wild Patches

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an amazing open-world adventure game on Nintendo Switch and Wii U. There’s so many different skills to master and breathtaking lands to explore that I sometimes felt like a scout, but without the satisfaction of receiving merit badges.

Inspired by the game, I created a series of patches for a few of the achievements. I also enlisted an artist to draw the main character of the game, Link, as a boy scout cooking food over a campfire.

Korok Seed Collector Merit Badge

One challenge in Breath of the Wild is collecting the korok seeds. If you manage to collect all 900 of them, you get Hetsu’s Gift — which mysteriously looks like poop.

Cooking Merit Badge

Cooking is one of the highlights in the game, but it’s not exactly easy. A poor mix of ingredients will result in dubious food, described as too gross to even look at. This patch features monster cake, which takes a bit of skill to procure the ingredients.

Shrine Merit Badge

Shrines abound in Breath of the Wild, with challenging quests inside. Your reward for solving the puzzle is a spirit orb, which is featured on this patch.

Patch Backing

I designed backing for the badges with a fun surprise underneath.